We're on Apple Podcasts!

All nine episodes of our podcast, Batman at Bat, will be found on Apple Podcasts. We've partnered with some old friends at The Nerdologuesa comedy and podcast collective located in Chicago, to edit and host our silly show.

(They've also created all of the fun, hilarious commercials you'll find between inning breaks.)

Below you'll find a synopsis of each of the innings currently available to listen to, with more to come each week as new episodes release.



It's the first inning of Batman Baseball, recorded live from Aparo Field! Hosted by acclaimed broadcaster Teri Shea and less acclaimed former ballplayer Fred Wilcox, the first inning sets the stage for the madness to come (and shows off some questionable pitching skills from our Caped Crusader).

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Our commentary crew gets a gross introduction to the bottom of the Assassins's batting order, but are uplifted by a surprise performance from Ace, the Bat-Hound, and an even more surprise performance from the Man of Steel himself.

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It doesn't take long for a game featuring these rogues to go off the rails. Fred and Jimmy try to solve a riddle, but have an even worse time trying to figure out who sent it. Teri tries to maintain calm in the booth as things on the field seem grim.

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The heroes and villains are having a hard time playing ball, strangely enough. And to make matters worse, grudges on the field take a deadly turn as a few of the players clear the benches for a not-so-typical baseball brawl.

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Picking up the pieces after a brief glimpse of the end of the world in the fourth inning, our intrepid commentators face their most terrifying foe yet. Also, Superman wows the crowd once again!

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Fred takes a break and it’s Jimmy’s time to shine in the booth. Joker springs into action but is replaced by a relief pitcher who strikes terror into the crowd and strikes out the side. The booth wrestles with their greatest fears.

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The Scarecrow forces the Big Shots to face what they fear most. And one man in the booth begins a dark spiritual journey he’ll never forget. Special guest star: Black Canary!

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As things look their darkest, a new dawn begins. The baseball signal lights up in the sky, and a true hero rises to bring calm to the crowd. He may not be the hero we wanted, but he’s the hero we needed. He is … Joltin’ Joe.

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Just as things begin to look up for Gotham City, a villain returns to put his own spin on the proceedings. It’s Joker Baseball, baby! The unlikeliest of heroes emerges to save the day.

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